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All Terrain Vehicle

Items Required

  • DC Basic Geared motor ( 100 RPM)    Buy Now
  • Phoenix motor Driver board (10 A)    Buy Now 
  • 2.4 GHz Receiver                             Buy Now
  • Remote                                           Buy Now
  • Lead Acid Battery ( 12V / 1.2 AH)     Buy Now
  • Battery Charger & adapter               Buy Now
  • Chassis                                            Buy Now


Component Specification

DC Basic Geared Motor (100 RPM)
  • Voltage: 6V to 12V
  • RPM: 10/100 at 12V
  • Output shaft: Centred
  • Shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Gear assembly: Spur

Phoenix Motor Driver Board (10A)
  • Operating voltage: 11-13V
  • Current: 10Amps per channel (20 amps peak for 10secs)
  • No. of channels: 2
  • Compatible motors: Any 12V DC geared motor
  • Interface: Direct plugin with 2.4 GHz aircraft wireless system receivers

Lead Acid Battery
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Battery capacity : 1.3AH

  • Length   : 190mm
  • Width   : 105mm
  • Height  : 40mm  

2.4 GHz System
  • 2.4Ghz 2 channel Transmitter
  • 2.4GHz 3 channel Receiver
  • Binding Plug
  • Rx anntenna tube


Assembling the Robot

Fixing the motor, wheels and motor driver to chassis

The motor is inserted into chassis accordingly and screwed

The Phoenix is placed on top of the chassis


 The Wheels is connected to the shaft using screws.


Now the robot is ready to interface with the receiver.



Connection Procedure

Motor - Parallel Connection
  • After connecting the motor to the chassis, check the direction of all motors. 
  • To check , connect the motor individually to the battery and check the direction.
  • The two left motors are connected together and the two right motors are connected together.
Left Motor parallel Connection                        Right Motor parallel Connection  
Motor - Phoenix board Connection

Left motors wires are connected to the left motor terminals in the board.


Right motors wires are connected right motor terminals in the board.


Connecting the Receiver to the board
  • Connect the Channel 1 of the Phoenix Board to the Drive output (for front-back control) of the receiver.
  • Connect Channel 2 of the phoenix board to the Steer output (for left-right control) of the receiver.


Before you start take a look at the procedure!!

Switching On - Procedure

  • First switch on the  transmitter 
  • Switch on the Phoenix Board (throttles must not be moved – or must be at the neutral position) 
  • Wait till the STATUS LED Blinks and the STALL  LED remains glowing
  • Make sure Transmitter is ALWAYS ON before switching on or off the phoenix board
  • Do not switch on the Phoenix board without connecting the receiver & when the Transmitter is OFF 
  • Do not switch off the transmitter while the Phoenix Board is ON  
  • Wait till the ‘STATUS’ LED on the Phoenix board starts blinking before you start operating the Transmitter

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